The West side of Cenaria City, or the Warrens is home to Cenaria City's poorer and less desirable citizens. The buildings are small and cramped together and almost all of them are only one story tall.

The Warrens are also the home of The Nine, the underworld rulers of the Warrens and some say even of the entire city itself. Its members are unknown and often a closely guarded secret as to reveal themselves would make them targets both to the official guards and the back-stabbing criminals with whom they work.

And yet despite the feeling that anyone and everyone will stab you and take what you have, every time anyone has attempted to clean up the Warrens the people living there band together and push back any such attempts to change what they know, even if it might actually benefit them.

The one noticeably clean place in the Warrens is Momma K's establishment. The finest and most extravagant gentleman's club in Cenaria City and beyond. Momma K is a more mature elven woman who still turns the eyes of every customer who enters her establishment. However, she runs the place and her business with a strict set of rules, and if you break these rules or cross her then the consequences can be dire.

The party's first mission was a mission from Momma K who asked them to hunt down and "deal with" a customer who had not only harmed one of her girls but had actually killed her and fled.

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