Shops in The Grand Bazaar:

1+2. Rusty's Discount Sword Emporium: Swords and weapons for a cheap price, quality may vary.

3. Octavius's Outrageous Oddities: Sells most adventuring gear as well as a collection of rare and odd magical items.

4. Victorious Secret: Potions and Arcane Artefacts.

5.The Oak and Sinew: Fletchers!

6. The Fatty Cow: The best butchers this side of Ossien

7+8. Whats Left of the Cow: Providing you with all you leather needs.

9. Discount Enchanters: Enchantments for a reasonable price.

10. Lucio's: Restaurant.

11. Balthar's Blunts & Blades: Blacksmith, sells weapons and armour.

12. Barnes the Noble: Bookshop.

13. The Green Thumb Apothecary and Herbalist: Medicines, herbs, tinctures and potions.

14. Slice of Life: Delicatessen.

15. Hot Buns Bakery: Bakery.

16: Unfamiliar Familiars: Pet shop and pet accessories.