While not technically a country the Lae'knaught Occupied Territory is an area of territory sitting the border between Cenaria, Ceura, Ossein and Wadryn. The occupied territory still technically belongs to the relevant countries but the Lae'knaught are a formidable armed force.

The Lae'knaught are a military faction lead by Field Marshal Julus Rotans. The Lae'knaught strongly believe that all magic is evil and wrong. They believe that the use of magic of any kind is unnatural and to be reviled. The Lae'knaught teach their theology and send missionaries out into the world to spread their beliefs.

The Lae'knaught are very unforgiving towards anyone who can use magic whether they actively use it or not. This has lead to a distain for any races naturally attuned to magic, such as high elves.

While it seems obvious that when faced with any magic or a certain strength or spell level then an army of men is very unlikely to win, except in great numbers. However the Lae'knaught have managed to survive in the territory that they occupy because that area of land is pocketed with areas of null magic as well as areas of wild magic. This combination makes it dangerous to march a platoon of mages into the area where they might not be able to cast any spells or their spells may backfire on them and their allies.