0 The "event"
10 World slowly restored to peace from chaos
500 King Jorsin Alkestes the Unifier dies. Human wars begin.
1512 As the Human wars grow larger in scale they begin to endanger the lives of the elven, dwarven, gnomish and halfling people as the greed of the humans causes them to start taking their land. The none human races band together and attempt to talk sense and peace into the human kings. When this fails they are forced to defend themselves against human invaders. This causes the human kingdoms to unify and fight to eradicate the other races.
1598 Gnome kingdom falls. All known gnomes are killed, it is believed some survivors may have survived and gone into hiding. Halflings are pushed back to their last stronghold.
1604 Last halfling stronghold is destroyed. Halflings are wiped out.
1860 Elves and dwarfs finally band together to push back the humans.
1866 Elven/dwarf alliance falls apart as humans topple the last strongholds of both races. The dwarfs fight to the last, the elves surrender in hopes for a change to survive. The elves are enslaved by the humans.
2010 Elves are finally freed from slavery across most of Midcry.
2017 Our party meets for the first time and our adventures begin.
2018 The party arrives on Ladesh.