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This is the wiki for our home Dungeons & Dragons game. If you have stumbled upon this page then please enjoy but respect the pages and please don't change anything if you're not a player.

Players, feel free to update information as you gain it or it changes. I also recommend that you keep your own pages on here that you can use to keep track of you characters and their equipment so that you don't lose everything you have in your bag of holding.....

An IntroductionEdit

Greetings! And welcome to my stage! As the curtains ascend allow me to introduce you to the world of our adventure.

Midcry is a continent on the edge of self-destruction. After centuries of war the multifarious race of humans have gained dominance. They drove the orcs to the far and frigid north. They subjugated the elves and annihilated anyone else who got in their way.

Finally with no one else to fight against they turned on themselves and continued even older and long past disagreements. With the human nations warring the continent is in an unstable state and a shift too far in the wrong direction could bring it all crashing back down into chaos.

But fear not dear listeners! For fate has brought about heroes before and it has done so again!

This is the story of Sum Ting Wong the elven monk who has been a recluse for the last few hundred years; Mezonty Phythone the human bard/warlock who was until recently frozen it a large magical block of ice; Jasper the changeling rogue who is never quite sure who she/he truely is; Stephen Thurlow the dwarven barbarian who is on a secret mission to reclaim his peoples rights and belonging; Rhogar the dragonborn barbarian who after completing her trial to prove her strength and gain some new strength has left the group to return home to her mysterious lands to the far west; Dave the human tactician who unfortunately sacrificed himself to allow his new found friends to escape otherwise certain death after they went in unprepared; and Bran NϋDave the human necromancer who seems to be running from something...

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