Cenaria University of the Arcane Arts is the most prestigious university in all of also happens to be the only university in all of Cenaria. That being said it is still a highly respected university all across Midcry.

The university is run by Archmage Dorien the One Armed, a human wizard who in his youth was an adventure, but then he took a dragon to the arm, or rather a dragon took his arm along with the rest of his companions a the time. But don't worry he took the dragons head which he now proudly displays in his private training/testing room in his offices.

The university is home to all kinds of magical studies, experimentation and research, with many different buildings to house them all. Unfortunately the university ground are limited, but thankfully with the help of a little manipulation of the fabric of reality many of the buildings are much larger than they seem.

One of the largest rooms, or series of rooms, within the university is its library which houses book on every possible subject, both magical and non-magical. The library is run by Delkin, an elderly human who has worked at the university all his life.