Cenaria is one of 8 countries on the continent of Midcry. Its capital city is Cenaria City and is ruled over by King Aleine Gunder IX.

Cenaria City resides on the mouth of the Plith River and is split in two by the river. The East side is the richer, more desirable side. It is the home of the comparably richer denizens of Cenaria City. The west side of the city is known as the Warrens.

It is also home to some of Cenaria's richest and most influential Lords and Ladies. These are:

  1. Graesin Family
  2. Jadwin Family
  3. Leohorn Family
  4. Gyre Family

There are also a number of other minor lords who call Cenaria City their home. Some of these are:

  1. Drake Family
  2. Nolon Family
  3. Marbledown Family
  4. Pahral Family
  5. Bedem Family
  6. Treeshield Family
  7. Rolduru Family

Other notable people of Cenaria City East Side:

  • Dron Jassan: Never met by the party but they were sent on a mission by Momma K to recapture his fort, Chateau Shayon, from Baron Rikku.
  • Baron Palimus Rikku: newly appointed noble he worked his way up to the position through it trade empire.
  • Baroness Vadelless Rikku: Wife of Baron Palimus Rikku.
  • Fergund Sa'fasti: Court Mage to King Aleine IX. Mezo and Jasper had cause to run into him when they were sent on a mission by Momma K to deliver a message to him at a noble party in return for attempting to use her name and likeness to gain access to some funds at the Dragons Horde Bank in Cenaria City, an attempt that ended in failure.

Other notable locations in Cenaria City East Side:

  • Abinazae Palace: home and seat of power to the royal Gunder line.
  • Cenaria University of the Arcane Arts
  • The Grand Bazaar: the largest indoor shopping area in Cenaria City, if ever you are looking for something, this is a good place to start.
  • Temple of the gods: a large complex of temples to most the gods recognised within Cenaria.
  • Temple of the Dark gods: a smaller complex of temples dedicated to the less desirable gods (such as those who deal with death and disease) but whom to not worship could cause just as much devastation as the other gods.